Skin Care Methods

Keloid Scar Removal

If you have a keloid scar (overgrowth of scar tissue) chances are you recently had an incision/surgery, a minor burn, severe acne, incurred a minor injury, had a cosmetic procedure performed, or got a new tattoo or piercing. Keloids scars can form from a simple surface cut. They do not form only from only severe trauma. But they can also just strangely appear; although there is no visible injury. These are the primary findings that cause keloid scars (not all causes). Additionally, the deeper your skin pigmentation (the darker your skin color) the higher the risk you have of getting keloid scars. Keloids most commonly form in the jaw area, earlobes, chest, back, head and shoulders. Keloid scar removal is a prerogative for many people who deal with keloid scars and who want to be relieved of the embarrassment and often bothersome discomfort.

Keloid scar removal presents several challenges. Your injury has healed but the tissue continues to grow. A scar cream may be able to help you reduce the appearance of your keloid.

Are you debating whether or not to nurture your keloid scar or just leave it alone or have a medical procedure done? Which course of action is right for you? Keloid scars can become worse over time. The growth can get “out-of-control” and unmanageable.

Some of the more atypical ways to alleviate keloid scars are medical procedures such as Cryotherapy. This freezes the scar but is known to leave a darkened area where the scar was. Or it can cause the opposite effect and lighten the skin. This process must be frequently repeated. If you get keloid scars routinely, it is not recommended to have procedures performed for your keloid scar removal. This includes nearly all cosmetic or surgical procedures. There are also a slew of at-home “remedies” that direct people to put everyday household items on the keloid scar. Goods ranging from lavender oil, lemon juice, to honey. Most of these techniques are not tested or proven and may pose unwanted side effects or additional scarring. You may have more success with a common solution that many people use: a topical silicone gel. Imagine that the scar is not on you. But instead, it is on your spouse or your best friend. What advice or recommendation would you give him/her about their keloid scar removal? Would you say “don’t do anything and let it fester”? Would you advise “immediately rush to have a procedure scheduled”? Or would you confidently counsel “try a topical gel first”. Carefully consider all of the options. You may acquire more keloid scars in the future. You may not need a radical medical procedure. You may be able to solve it with a silicone gel which is easily applied and easier to manage. A silicone gel formula may reduce the appearance of the keloid(s). Unlike an in-office procedure, there is no recuperation time with a topical gel. There is no harm in consulting your physician first. In fact it is advocated. Discover all the ways that can assist you to reduce your keloid scar. Live a life without the burden of an unattractive scar.

How to Remove Stretch Marks

One of the most common causes of stretch marks is PREGNANCY. You have just brought home your little bundle of joy and now the work begins. Not just the elation and exhaustion of parenthood. But also the work of getting your body back! You feel a tiny bit guilty because you care, yet you deserve to look and feel great! The miracle process of pregnancy can leave an overwhelming amount of women with horrendous stretch marks.

Is stretch mark removal possible you ask? What will it take to show off those abs again? Are you hoping to wear shorter shorts this Spring? Be a little selfish. Be nicer to your skin. Being aware of your physical appearance and putting forth effort into looking your best is a great outlook for achieving beauty. The trick that most doctors, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic practitioners won’t share with you is that you can accomplish a lot on your own = doing it by yourself, in your own home. For you new moms, this is a blessing.

The indentions, lines, and stripes are the result of the skin being stretched for a significant amount of time. This streaky look of skin will never be “in”. When we gain weight quickly our skin can’t keep up with our body’s changes. It is true there is no concrete way to avoid or prevent stretch marks. But, you can minimize stretch marks during pregnancy by gaining weight consistently. A steady weight gain will help with fewer stretch marks. The tummy is not the only problematic zone for stretch marks. Butt, thighs, hips, and breasts also need mentioning. So keep your skin hydrated. And, keep away from the sun. Avoid sunlight exposure (see for the dangers of sun exposure) to the stretch marks as much as possible. Have an agenda on how to remove stretch marks if you foresee they are coming. Newer stretch marks are normally easier to manage. It becomes harder to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as the marks get older.

Before you consider that tummy tuck or liposuction think about all of the available alternatives. You may have success with a topical stretch mark cream. No product can truly remove all of your stretch marks. But a topical treatment may reduce the appearance of your stretch marks and leave you with satisfying results. Consult your physician first. Many of these creams are not recommended during pregnancy and/or if you are breastfeeding. The cream you choose should be specifically formulated for stretch marks.

As you take steps to transforming your body and improving your appearance…remember it took nine months for the changes to happen. Reversing it will also take time, but it will all be worth the reward. Removing the stretch marks may be just one part of your post-pregnancy plan. However, it can all be accomplished!

Reduce Cellulite

“What does it take to reduce cellulite? Nothing I have tried will work for me! Dieting, exercise, etc.

I know I am not alone in this problem, please tell me what to do? There has to be some other way to reduce cellulite”! These are the typical questions of many who are troubled with cellulite.

First, take into account that the general public spends billions of dollars trying to look and feel better. And cellulite does not promote looking or feeling better for anyone. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us. You must do a variety of things simultaneously. There is not just one thing or a magic pill that will deliver instant results, or even permanent results. What you can do is link what you already know with a few options you have yet to try. A different approach may deliver different results.

Second, don’t give up. Cellulite is normal, but that does not mean you have to accept it. By doing nothing you will surely speed the cellulite progression and also speed the aging process; which nobody wants.

For many people, specifically women, diet and exercise are not enough to reduce cellulite. Even if everything you are putting in your body is healthy, and if everything on the exterior may be up-to-par…you still may have that lingering cellulite! Some people are genetically prone to have those pesky dimpled areas. One way to reduce cellulite appearance is by using a topical best cellulite cream. This added formula will make the look of your cellulite less noticeable, a more subtle appearance will likely take place. Combine that with the exercising portion of this plan. Your workout routine must encompass more than cardio. You really want to work and strengthen your muscles several times per week. Thirdly, you can get a massage on a regular basis. Even though that relaxing feeling is temporary it can be a much needed reward.

All of these tidbits will help increase your circulation. It is a vital part to reaching your goal. If these steps to reducing the appearance of your cellulite makes you look and feel better, you have just solved a crisis that so many consumers are searching to end just like you.