Cleft Lip and Plastic Surgery Scars

A cleft lip affects infants in their fetal development. When the upper lips and mouth fail to form in a normal way, it then creates a cleft lip palate. In order to repair a cleft lip, plastic surgery must be performed. Surgery helps restore the natural function of the lips and mouth. However, surgery can cause a cleft lip scar. A scar may be better than an abnormal growth development. Individuals who experience scarring after surgical procedures should consider a scar management gel.

Plastic surgery scar removal may prove to be tougher than one might think. Plastic surgeons are normally very up-to-date on the latest scar revision surgeries. These professionals are normally really good at making the surgery sight look perfect during suture or closure of the surgical area to ensure minimal scarring. There is no one way of totally eliminating a plastic surgery scar as you would simply be eliminating one to place another possibly smaller one in it place. Application of a scar product after the area has healed and closed may help to reduce the appearance of the final outcome of the scar area.

Topical products that are applicable on a cleft lip scar or surgical scar include: gels, serums, sheeting pads and creams. Each type of topical offers different benefits. Some topical scar products may show results within a few weeks of application. Women who want to feel confident about their plastic surgery scars should use a topical because it can help fade the appearance of scars both old and new. However, is important to review the products ingredient list before applying to areas affected by scars.

Some scar creams can contain different formulations such as being a water based product or a silicone based product. However, serums, gels and sheeting pads often contain the ingredient silicone. The ingredient silicone is an ingredient that has been shown to help scars retain moisture to help the health of healing.  Plastic surgery scar removal may not be an option for every individual and every scar type. A silicone scar product may be an alternative option to help reduce the appearance of the scar area. Most scar products can be bought online or from a retail manufacturer store. It is important to purchase products that are cost-effective and can offer positive results. Many scar products can offer results within a few weeks of application.

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