Breast Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the breasts affect older women and teenage girls. Stretch marks are a result of skin growth that has stretched beyond the natural skin elasticity. These marks can form at any time, but generally affect those between the ages of 13 and 35. Women who begin to develop stretch marks may start to feel itchy in those areas because their skin is stretching. However, stretch marks are a common skin issue that can occur after puberty and pregnancy.

When stretch marks on the breasts form during puberty, it is because the skin is over stretched and collagen is disrupted.  When marks form on the breasts during puberty, the marks are often pink, red or purple in appearance. This means the marks are new. Stretch marks that are in the early stages of development are easier to fade the appearance of. When stretch marks become a silver or white color, this means that the marks are older than six months. Most often, these marks are harder to fade.  To get rid of stretch marks on breasts relating to puberty, you can simply check into stretch mark remedies offered by a skin care professional. If this is not an option you may elect to try and reduce the appearance of the marks by application of a topical stretch mark cream. Creams are easy-to-apply and may be purchased from retail stores near you.

There are numerous stretch mark products on the market that can help fade the appearance of marks. This includes lotions, serums and oils. These products may be bought online or from retail stores as well. Before making a purchase make sure the product is marketed for breast stretch marks. Products may differ in formulation, size, and results. Also, purchase a product for your stretch mark type such as old or new marks. There are some products that are marketed for both old and new.

In order to address breast stretch marks after pregnancy, women may use a topical as well. However, topical products may not always provide desired results, so individuals should consider a stretch mark treatment.  Common treatments that help reduce the appearance of breast stretch marks are Laser and Microdermabrasion treatments. These treatments can be expensive for some women.  Even stretch mark treatments cannot guarantee to get rid of stretch marks on breast.

Stretch mark remedies, such as treatments must be performed in a medical facility. This mean an appointment must be made to fit around your schedule. Depending on how severe your marks are will determine how many treatments you will need performed.  Some treatments may require individuals to wear skin protecting agents afterwards, since the skin maybe more sensitive.

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