Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks rank up at the top of the list of the worst cosmetic effects to happen to a woman when pregnant. Sure your skin breaks out, your hormones are off-balance, and you gain weight, but all of those things get back to normal on their own, whereas stretch marks can’t and don’t snap back and fade away. They may fade a tad in color over time, but no skin is so resilient that pregnancy stretch marks just disappear one day.

Pregnancy stretch marks are hard to avoid but you can circumvent how many you get if you get serious about moisturizing. This entails drinking a ton of water and using a topical cream formulated for pregnancy stretch marks so that you are getting hydrated inside and out. Pregnancy stretch marks products are everywhere, so it can be a tough jaunt when going to pick one out. You have to keep safe ingredients as your top priority and make sure that the packaging is clearly marked with statements of being safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If this isn’t clearly stated somewhere, the risk probably isn’t worth taking. You can go online and check out to see more information on managing stretch marks.

When selecting a product it is important to ensure the ingredients are readily available and provided. If you are unsure whether you can use a product during pregnancy it is always advised to seek advice from your medical doctor before use. Pregnancy stretch marks may not be very prevalent until after delivery has taken place when the skin starts to take back its normal shape and size. Most women are terrified of marks left from pregnancy. Pregnancy stretch marks can vary in depth and length. The longer, deeper marks are generally referred to as “tiger stripes”. This is due to the size and intensity of the marks. These types of stretch marks may need to be addressed with a medical skin professional to decide which option may be best for the area.  Go to for more details on the best options.

Very few women can go through pregnancy without obtaining at least some trace of a stretch mark. Pregnancy stretch marks can be seen on the breast, hips, stomach, buttocks, arms, and other places were rapid weight gain may have been experienced. This normally is dependent upon how much elasticity the skin has and how far it is stretched during pregnancy.

Taking a pro-active approach if you are trying to conceive can be very helpful in keeping the skin moist to help deter marks from forming. Sometimes, this still is not enough to ward off these unwanted stretch marks. Once the pregnancy has been concluded you may decide that a topical cream may be a cost-effective way to help reduce the appearance of those stretch marks.

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